4. Day of Surgery


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The RAPID Appliance is very strategic component of CHROME GuidedSMILE. It is an exact duplicate of the surgical prosthetic. It is picked up the day of surgery, held until the time of final conversion and used to send nearly all records to ROE for the final. A unique and time-saving device.

The RAPID Appliance is no longer monochromatic. ROE is adding pink for increased patient esthetic.

  • The RAPID Appliance serves multiple strategic functions.
  • Just like the surgical long-term temp is picked up on the day of surgery, the RAPID is also picked up on a second set of temporary cylinders and is held until the time of final prosthetic conversion.
  • At that time, it is seated, equilibrated, relined, and sent to ROE with the opposing and a bite registration.
  • From this record, ROE can produce either a final restoration or a printed prototype for final. There is no simpler method of converting to final.
  • RAPID Provides ROE with every needed to make the final:
    • Verified implant position from which to make a model
    • Occlusion with the bite captured
    • Tooth position
    • Vertical
  • Initially it is picked up during surgery.
  • Once the surgical prosthetic is picked up, another set of temporary cylinders are inserted onto the multi-unit abutments and then the RAPID Appliance is picked up.
RAPID Appliance

Months Later: RAPID Appliance is used to transfer the records to ROE. Return-to-ROE Clinical Steps:

  1. Remove the surgical temp.
  2. Use the screws from the surgical temp or new screws. Perform the One-Screw Test. Seat the Printed Try-In placing one screw in the distal most implant on one side and ensure a passive, no-rock seat. Repeat on the other side. If there is rocking, use a disk and section that part of the prosthetic, ensure it is passive, and lute back to the prosthetic, just like a verification jig, until all sections are passive and there is no rock. If no rock is detected, go to next step. Keep the screws hand-tightened only.
  3. Capture an X-Ray to ensure temp cylinders and abutments are engaged and fully seated. Tighten down with more torque if needed.
  4. Equilibrate & adjust thoroughly until the bite is exact. Adjust for esthetic and functional satisfaction.
  5. Photograph full smile / full face clearly showing what needs changed esthetically
  6. Capture the bite – if double arch, seat both appliances for the bite
  7. Include Opposing model
  8. Ship to ROE. No digital impressions at this time.
  9. Order the final prosthetic on the work authorization: Full Zirconia or Ultra Nano product.