4. Day of Surgery


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  • The Fixation Base is the second step of the CHROME process and sets the foundation for the surgery.
  • All subsequent components clip into the CHROME Locs on the Fixation Base.
  • It is unique in the industry because it is made of CR/CO which means rigidity and stability.
  • The Fixation Base is designed using our patent pending floating guide technology, meaning the guide does not contact bone, rather is supported by divergent pin placement.
  • The Fixation Base's initial function is bone reduction. The upper edge of the Fixation Base has been carefully created to indicate the level to which the bone needs to  be reduced.
  • The second function of the Fixation Base is to support the components: Osteotomy Guide, Carrier Guide, Nano-Ceramic Prosthetic, and RAPID Appliance.
Fixation Base